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Fresh Crestview contemporary asks $849K

Light, cheerful recent build

This cute, not-so-little home takes a lot of familiar approaches to contemporary design—open floor plan in living areas, eclectic mix of period references and finishes, easy inside-outside transitions—and elevates them into something that is more than the sum of its parts.

Designed by local firm Matt Fajkus Architecture, it was called the Threshold House because it was planned to provide the aforementioned indoor-outdoor continuity with the brick wall that tracks through the home. It was was built in 2014, but it looks like it could have been finished out yesterday, apparently having been either incredibly maintained or recently polished up (probably both).

Measuring 2,690 square feet, the home has two stories in back, four bedrooms, and two and a half bathrooms. It features a private back yard with mature pecan trees and maximum access from numerous glass doors that, along with equally abundant windows, allow lots of indirect, dappled sunlight into the home as well.