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Buy a Lago Vista treehouse for less than $200K

Lake Travis area home on stilts

This unusual house on stilts might not work for everyone, but it looks like a pretty special place for retirees, people who work at home, nature lovers, hermits, second-home buyers, and people nostalgic for childhood summers in a vaguely Wes Anderson way.

Located in Lago Vista, the small city on Lake Travis’ north shore about no miles northwest of Austin, it’s perched above a wet-weather creek, on a hillside that offers views of the surrounding terrain, giant trees, and wildlife. Asking price is $195,000.

Built in 1965, the home looks to have been updated but not really remodeled since that time; it retains the split-level layout, paneling, and some details and features from its heyday.

The focus is meant to be on the outdoors, which the does a good job of drawing you to: There are decks everywhere, and even the workshop on the bottom floor has its own patio.The home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms and measures 1,405 square feet.