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Affordable housing for local musicians is a real thing

Bluebonnet Studios apartments expect November opening

An affordable housing option for musician members of Health Alliance for Austin Musicians is soon to be a reality. HAAM, a nonprofit that has enabled thousands of local musicians to access affordable health care over the past few years, has joined forces with musician advocacy group ALL ATX and local affordable-housing provider Foundation Communities to create that opportunity.

Bluebonnet Studios, a new Foundation Communities affordable apartment community centrally located on the corner of South Lamar and Bluebonnet in South Austin—local musicians’ traditional nesting ground—is currently wrapping up construction and expected to be ready for move-in by November.

Austin Music People announced the openings for HAAM musician members in August, and On Vinyl Music provided an update on Monday, the day before HAAM Day, the group’s yearly citywide fundraising event.

Bluebonnet Studios will offer efficiencies and one-bedroom apartments at rents ranging from $400 to $670 per month, all bills paid, to HAAM musician members who meet affordable housing income requirements (currently in the $17,000 to $27,000 annual earnings range).

Affordable housing options available for musicians in the heart of the city [ATX on Record, On Vinyl Music]