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Revamped traditional home in Pemberton Heights asks $1.25M

1940 house with restrained update and great outdoor spaces

It can be refreshing when a home of a certain vintage is updated in a way that makes it more light, airy, and modern without stripping it down to white boxes on wood floors (though that can be a good look, too). This house in Pemberton Heights looks to have benefited from that light touch, getting a makeover that keeps it traditional but relieves it of the heavy self-seriousness that older homes in prestigious locations can amass.

The home has some nice contemporary touches—a free-standing bathtub, chef’s kitchen, lots of white paint—but its layout follows the original, or hews close to it, and pulls in original features that make the house its very own, unique thing.

A large screened porch, gardens, water fountains, and roomy lawn offer great spaces for entertaining or relaxing (or even working!). The incredible landscaping and outdoor spaces are easy to maintain as they are irrigated from a private well on the property.

Built in 1930, the house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and measures 2,517 square feet.