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Sweet studio with stone fireplace asks $189K

Murphy bed alert!

Yes, this adorable studio apartment/condo s technically in the West Campus/West University area near the University of Texas, so it might have a limited potential buyership.

But it’s good to note that it’s in the west-west part of the area, near Lamar Boulevard, where there are still a large number of older, genteel family homes and bungalows on tree-lined streets, which would suit just about anyone wanting to live in the central city.

The place is also well-maintained and cute as a button. At 439 square feet, it’s about average size for a studio, and it has a Murphy bed that (for those who don’t know how Murphy beds work) you can pop up into the wall to make more living area when you’re not using it.

Built in 1981, it has a stacked-stone fireplace and lots of wooden built-ins that give it a 1950s, slightly lodge-y feel, but essentials like kitchen, bathroom, and appliance look updated. It also has an in-unit laundry area with a washer and dryer and a one0car garage with private entry.