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Nifty remodel in East Austin asks $410K

Bungalow with room to grow

Bargains are few and far between in East Austin, and we’re not sure that this is one, exactly. However, we are too charmed by the way the 1947 bungalow was renovated to think too hard about that. Also, there is a very cute and well-behaved dog in one of the photos.

Located in the lovely and quite central Eastside Rosewood neighborhood, less than 2 miles from downtown, the 912-square-foot house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. On the outside, structure is nothing special, but the bright paint job, raised garden beds, and other complementary landscaping features bring a lot to the party.

Inside is even more creative updating, which includes the use of currently quite en vogue Shou Sugi Ban (charred wood), hot rolled steel, stainless steel, locally sourced limestone, and reclaimed hardwoods.

In back are more pleasant surprises, including a sweet covered patio, native Texas landscaping, large canopy trees, and fire pit. Oh, also, room to build on, in case all that doesn’t satisfy.