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North Loop rents went nuts this year, apparently

Survey reports big jump for booming neighborhood

Austin apartment rents decreased very slightly in August, according to a new report by national rental listing site Apartment List, but they are still higher than the national average and grew over the last year.

And where did they grow fastest? Why, the booming North Loop neighborhood, of course.

Austin apartment rents decreased by 0.1% between July and August of 2016, the site reports, though they’re still up 2.6% over those in 2015.

Drawing from data obtained through its site’s listings, Apartment List determined that the Downtown and Zilker neighborhoods had the highest rents, while crazy North Loop —which has seen a boon in home sales as well—had the largest year-over-year rent increase, up 11.0% over August 2015.

The Hancock and North Burnet neighborhoods also showed rapid rent growth in the past year, according to the report, with