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Vintage Cherrywood bungalow on large lot asks $345K

1949 home with period details

This little cutie is tucked away in an pocket of eastern Cherrywood, close to Manor Road and its happenings but on one of those winding, less-traveled streets that keep it quiet and neighborly.

Built in 1949, the low-slung, 992-square-foot home has been updated but still retains many of its charming original features, including oak floors, a jaunty round window on its front door, a rounded corner fireplace, and multi-paned rollout windows, for which we are suckers, even though they are hell on energy efficiency (also, these look like they might have been modified in way that makes them better-sealed).

Exposed ductwork (clearly added during a later central air-conditioning installation) gives the kitchen a slightly industrial look, which works well with its also-newer white subway tile, quartz counters, and stainless appliances. The updated bathroom has a big, walk-in shower (for which it has apparently sacrificed a bathtub). It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and what looks like a lot of filtered, natural light.

The best part? It’s on a large, wooded lot, shaded by mature trees and in view of the greenbelt, with a secluded backyard and patio.