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Austin ranked as most expensive housing market in Texas

Georgetown and Boerne are close behind

Central Texas reigns supreme when it comes the state’s most expensive markets, according to a report released Thursday by national company Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

The company analyzed home prices for more than 50,000 properties in 2,000-plus markets across the country between January and June to to compile its nationwide 2016 Home Listing Report, comparing similarly sized, four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes. The report lists what it found to be the most and least expensive markets in every state.

Austin, Boerne, and Georgetown topped the Texas list, with average listing prices of $414,563, $362,230, and $354,266, respectively, for comparable four-bedroom homes.

That’s still peanuts, of course, compared to the most expensive markets nationally. All of the study’s country top 10 markets are in California, with Saratoga’s topping the list at at average price of $2,453,718 for similar homes.

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