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New home design makes a splash with interiors tour

Tribeza event shines a light on local trends

Big white open kitchen with island that’s hot pink on bottom with white countertops
Allison Burke Interiors
Courtney Leonard

Austin has many great architectural and design tours and showroom spaces—and we would include here the East Austin Studio Tour and the spaces we saw during the new Design Week ushered in last year.

The Tribeza Interiors Tour, now in its fourth year, offers a special perspective on local design, though. For the most part, homeowners allow us in to see what they and their designers have done with space that already existed—homes designed and built before they got there.

Some of the homes on Saturday’s were new(ish), but most were not, and that gave us a chance for insight into how interior designers adapt to existing spaces—a very special skill—as well as to their clients’ needs and desires.

Most of the homes incorporated items the owners had cherished and collected for years, and a good percentage of the interiors were created with the active children who live there in mind.

While all the homes created great, sometimes almost overwhelming, impact upon entry, a great deal of the delight is in the details. Below are just a few of them.

Bunker Designs

Page Home Design

Tilton Fenwick

Mark Ashby Design

Merilee McGehee Design

Allison Burke Interiors

N.Y. Harte Designs