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New hotel development headed for Rainey

It’s the Cambria Project, if you’re keeping up

tall building shot from below, wintows, red girders, flat white mod awning with word Cambria on top.
Cambria Hotel in Washington, D.C.
Cambria Hotels & Suites/Facebook

Although not on Rainey Street, the new hospitality project reported by Austin Towers Tuesday is on East Avenue, so close enough to count as part of the boom.

According to the realty website’s blog, the project is being designed by Rhode Partners, is called Cambria, and will be at 68 East Avenue, adjacent to the currently under-construction Homewood Suites project.

Basing its conjecture on available renderings, Austin Towers estimates that the new building will be 12 to 15 stories high.

The blog also noted that the hotel plans to remove or possibly relocate two large trees on the site: a 24-foot pecan and 43-foot American elm. Cambria is part of the the Choice Hotels and is focused on the “limited luxury” hotel trend, according to the article.

Cambria Hotel Project Bound For East Avenue Near Rainey [Austin Towers]