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Developer moves to triple height of Plaza Saltillo complex

Endeavor also seeks to amend affordable housing plan

Endeavor Real Estate, the developer of the Capital Metro/Saltillo Plaza complex planned for a large tract of land around the MetroRail line just east of I-35, has submitted a request for a zoning change that would allow the company to increase the maximum height on the tract to 125 feet—more than three times the current allowable height—between I-35 and Waller Street from East Fourth to East Fifth Street.

Endeavor will present the proposed plan changes at a special community meeting with the East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Plan Contact Team on Wednesday.

The Austin Planning Commission is scheduled to vote on the proposed change at its Jan. 12 meeting at City Hall.

Endeavor is also seeking an adjustment in the affordable housing allowance for the development in order to consign it one small tract of the development on East Fourth Street between Navasota and Onion streets.

A range of housing based on Median Family Income levels, ranging from 30 to 60 percent MFI, is currently planned for the project.