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Trump travel ban sparks Austin airport protest

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The revolution will be Instagrammed

Close-up of a sign that says “No Ban No Wall No Division” with travelers and airport in background
Austin airport protest event photo
Austin Airport Protest against the Muslim Ban/Facebook event

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport was the site of vocal activism this weekend, as hundreds gathered to protest a recent presidential order banning entry to the United States by immigrants from several countries, the Austin American Statesman reported Sunday.

According to the Statesman, the event was organized by Shane Terenzi, who told the paper he has Persian-Iranian relatives who cannot come to the United States because of the ban. Terenzi, who organized the event via Facebook, estimated protest attendance at 300 to 400 people, the paper reported.

The Statesman also reported that the protests, which lasted almost three hours, did not disrupt airport operation. In addition, the Austin Police Department added officers to be on the scene for crowd control, but there were no arrests made.

The event included a number of speakers who spoke in opposition to the new immigration policies, according to the Statesman, including Austin City Council Member Greg Casar, who said the council would act in resistance to the policies to every extent possible.

It was unclear whether any travelers were detained at ABIA, according to the paper.

The Austin protest coincided with similar protests throughout the country, including those at Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Atlanta airports.

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Hundreds protest #MuslimBan at Austin airport [AAS]