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Stunning Bouldin contemporary lists for $1.2M

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Award-winning Ramp House

A modernist-looking wall of orange and red glass grid with a ramp in front and bookshelves behind
The Ramp House, 704 West Live Oak Street
Moreland Properties

The Ramp House, arguably one of the most architecturally significant homes in Austin, is on the market for $1,200,000.

A well-known fixture in the Bouldin neighborhood, the home was designed and built by award-winning local firm MJ Neal Architects, which specializes in high-end contemporary residential and commercial design, in 2002.

In addition to its eponymous ramp—a sculptural but functional element that defines the space and informs the experience of being there—the home has a number of modernist-influenced features, including its red-and-orange window grid and other enormous windows, open floor plan, spiral staircase, and kitchen design.

Ramp House measures 2,245 square feet and has two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, two living rooms, two dining areas, and a rooftop deck.

704 West Live Oak [Moreland Properties]