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Cedar Park council responds to flag backlash

City might consider putting matter up for vote

A flag with a blue stripe on top and a green star on bottom with four white Xes and a white line through the middle
Cedar Park flag design chosen by city council
City of Cedar Park

After learning (mostly via Facebook) that many residents hate the new flag it unveiled for the city in December, the Cedar Park City Council has set public hearings to discuss the matter, the Austin American-Statesman reported Thursday.

The flag, which the city revealed at its Christmas tree lighting, is half blue and half green and has four white “X”s running down the center. According to the Statesman, flag designer Catherine Van Arnam intended the design to represent numerous things about the area’s history, including cedar posts and barbed wire that settlers used to build fences in the area. The design originally had three “X”s, but the city added a fourth to represent the different names the city has had.

The paper noted that more that, almost immediately after the flag was revealed, more than 200 people posted about their dislike of the flag on Facebook, and some expressed concern that the city was not given the opportunity to vote on a design.

Cedar Park Mayor Matt Powell told the paper that the council discussed the design at three public meetings, but that the city should have gotten more input before the final selection.

Powell told the Statesman that the council will hold a public hearing Thursday night to get citizen input and that he will suggest to that it consider putting the matter up for a city vote.

The city has spent $6,985 for the flags, which are already flying at 10 city facilities, as well as for desktop flags, according to the article.