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What it costs to buy in East César Chavez now

Going prices in the Curbed Cup 2016 top neighborhood

1926 wood frame house renovated, light blue/gray paint, basic bungalow style
1311 Garden Street

In an ongoing series with Curbed Austin, real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX is taking a close look at sales price ranges by the square foot in different neighborhoods. Today, it’s checking out numbers in East Cesar Chavez.

The East Cesar Chavez neighborhood is bounded on the north by East Seventh Street, IH-35 to the west, Chicon Street to the east, and the river on the south. It is traditionally a largely Latino, working-class area and close-knit, affordable community.

Rendering of condo open kitchen, white, beige, gray, contemporary
Foundry, 310 Comal Street, #307, rendering

Due in part to its proximity to downtown and to the redeveloping waterfront, it has for the past several years been a locus and a flashpoint for civic conversations around gentrification and ethnic displacement.

The current average listing price for the neighborhood is $435 per square foot, although the individual properties that comprise this average range from $207/square foot (1310 East Second Street, a large, single-family home that is one of the oldest for sale in the city) to $540/square foot (310 Comal Street #307, a condo in the mixed-used Foundry building, currently under construction at the site previously occupied by Habitat for Humanity’s Re-store).