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The 10 most affordable homes in Central East Austin right now

Yet-to-be-built condos and the odd small house

Loft living room with blue walls and concrete floors
807 East 14th Street #202
Via Realty Austin

Most Austinites know that Central East Austin—all of East Austin, really—has become what seems like an eternally booming, transforming area of the city, with the home prices to match.

With that daunting phenomenon in mind, real estate analytics site and Curbed Austin set about to find the 10 least expensive properties, measured by cost per square foot, for sale in the area right now.

As the city defines it for planning purposes, Central East Austin comprises several smaller neighborhoods; it's bounded by I-35 on the west, Chicon Street/Northwestern Avenue on the east, East Seventh Street on the south, and the East Martin Luther King Boulevard on the the north.

The 10 most affordable market-rate properties in Central East right now range from $249,900 to $430,000.

What does that get you? Almost all condos, at sizes between 575 and 1,161 square feet and either under construction or newly built. For context, however, there is one small house, possibly positioned as a teardown, at 1908 East 11th Street asking $320,000 square feet (at $311 per square foot).

Small, yellow wood-frame house
1908 East 11th Street
Via Realty Austin

On a per-square foot basis, the properties range from $311 per square foot to $501 per square.

As always, readers can hover over the chart bars for more information on specific properties.