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These are the 10 biggest houses on the Austin market

Topping out at 20,708 square feet

Since a certain strain of real-estate, architecture, and some tech aficionados continue to be enamored in a long-term way with tiny houses and micro-apartments, from time to time we look at the smallest homes for sale on the Austin market.

In collaboration with real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX, we’re switching things up this time with a chart of the 10 largest houses for sale on the Austin market right now.

At the moment, the largest homes on the local market range from 11,000 to almost 21,000 square feet. Not included in the survey are significant-sized land or waterfront properties with no home on the property being marketed.

The asking prices for these sizable properties range from $2.8 million (305 Marly Way, 11,581 square feet, a sprawling stone manse built in 2014) to $14 million (4521 Commanders Point Drive, a European-style manor measuring 14,221 square feet).

A house with a large swimming pool situated on a hill.
4433 River Garden Trail
Via Moreland Properties

While the price of a property per square foot can provide illuminating information, in this case, many of these properties sit on acres of land, which can skew the apparent price per square foot for the existing built space higher—something to keep in mind when looking at prices.

The asking prices for the largest houses on the Austin market range from $236 per square foot (16219 Flintrock Road, a rather nicely remodeled 1975 not far from Bee Cave) to $977 per square foot (the above-mentioned 4521 Commanders Point Drive.).