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Austin Design Week 2017 events unfold

Popular, weeklong gathering showcases an array of events drawn from many disciplines

a couple of people in a slightly darkened gallery with illuminated fabric peices
Closing party of 2016 Austin Design week
All photos by Colin Budd, courtesy of Austin Design Week

As we reported in June, the inaugural Austin Design Week in 2016—the brainchild of three women in the tech and marketing fields—was so popular, fun, and successful that it’s shaping up to be an annual event. The community-organized, free event brings together a wide variety of design fields—digital, architectural, industrial, fashion and more. This year, it will be held Nov. 6 through Nov. 10, with more than 50 events including free workshops, talks, and studio tours.

This year’s theme is “Finding Place” and looks to design leaders and the community to examine how Austin designers find place within their environment, community, culture, identity, and experiences in order to fuel their creativity.

Highlighted workshops include Designing Parenthood, an interactive event where participants can discuss their “best child-rearing/working parent hack”s and connect with other parents, and An Illustrated History of Fashion, a workshop focused on 1960s fashion and its relationship to the social and cultural happenings of the era.

Participating groups include Canales & Co., Design Institute for Health, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, Argodesign, and MAKO Design + Invent.

The schedule has been shaping up, and we’ll present it to you in map form very, very soon.