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The 10 largest condos for sale in Austin right now

Sized up to 8,500 square feet, and priced accordingly.

Condo living room with neon sign and big upper-floor views
A condo in the Four Seasons
Via Redfin

Homebuyers considering a condo, for the most part, probably think they are looking at sacrificing space for other tradeoffs—freedom from responsibility for maintenance and yard work, security, and perhaps cost savings.

Not all condo buyers, however, have to give up their dreams of easy living in large-house-to-mansion-sized abodes. According to real estate data analytics site NeighborhoodX, there are quite a few outsized condos on the Austin market. The 10 largest, found on the chart below, range from just under 3,500 square feet to almost 8,500 (!) square feet.

The asking prices for those properties range from almost $2.2 million to just under $7 million—or $599 per square foot to $1,385 per square foot—and, likely no one’s surprise, they are clustered Downtown.

NeighborhoodX’s October market report provides some context for these prices, according to Director of Research Constantine Vahouli. It found that the average asking price in Downtown is $594 per square foot and goes up to $1,501 per square, and the prices for these largest condos in the neighborhood fall into the upper half of that range.