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What it costs to buy in Montopolis right now

Home prices per square foot in a neighborhood fighting gentrification

Small 1950 home with reclaimed wood siding
1804 Vasquez Street
Via Redfin

For more than a year now, real estate data analytics site NeighborhoodX has worked with Curbed Austin to take a look at home-buying prices on a neighborhood level, using both cost per square foot and overall asking price to get a more complete picture of the market on a micro-level.

With some exceptions, these studies have focused on central and west Austin neighborhoods, which tend to be priced higher than areas farther from the city center, especially to the north and east.

The Montopolis neighborhood, while not far from the city center, falls into the latter category. Located south of the Colorado River (its northern boundary), it is bounded on the west by Grove Boulevard and Montopolis Drive, to the south by Texas State Highway 71, and U.S. Route 183 to the east.

7312 East Ben White Boulevard
Via Redfin

Montopolis’ proximity to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (close, but not too close) and the advancement of development eastward brought inevitable gentrification pressures to the neighborhood. One of the oldest areas of what is now Austin, Montopolis was very nearly the capital of the Republic of Texas; it stayed a separate city until the 1950s, populated first by formerly enslaved sharecroppers after the CIvil War, then transitioning to a largely Latinx area in the early 20th century.

Small rock 1970 house
6805 Suena Drive
Via Estately

Montopolis has consistently been one of the lowest-income neighborhoods in the city; it has also been one of those that fought most strongly and effectively against gentrification and redevelopment, resisting the hipster drift from Eastside areas closer to downtown as well as specific development projects.

Although those developments continue to persist and pop up, the neighborhood has kept them at bay longer than most, and has necessarily remained one of the least expensive places to buy in Austin.

The current average listing price in Montopolis is $202 per square foot. The individual properties that go into this average range from $92 per square foot (6805 Suena Drive, a single-family 1970 home asking $240,000) to $437 per square foot (1014 Vasquez Street, a small, remodeled home on the market for $315,000).

To put these prices in context, Montopolis is more affordable than nearby Pecan Springs-Springdale (average $232 per square foot) but more expensive than Manchaca ($152 per square foot), technically a small town or suburb south of the city.