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The best Instagram photos from Austin Design Week 2017

The weeklong event that kicked off a month of community and design

thirteen23 studio

The second annual Austin Design Week descended on—or perhaps we should say enveloped—us last week, kicking off with workshops, field trips, and an evening contemplating the Seaholm Intake Facility and what to do with it and winding down with the first night of this year’s Waller Creek Show and a party prelude to the East Austin Studio Tour, with the first weekend starting the following day.

The community-organized event was again free and brought together a wide variety of design fields—digital, architectural, industrial, fashion, and more—perhaps casting its net even wider this year with inclusion of branding companies.

ADW’s theme for 2017 was “Finding Place,” which focused design leaders and the community on examining how Austin designers find place within their environment, community, culture, identity, and experiences in order to fuel their creativity. Its more than 50 events included workshops, talks, studio tours, interactive art projects, exhibits, and a weeklong Design-a-thon contest to boot.

Now that the maelstrom’s over, we’re taking a look back to offer you glimpses of things you might have missed along the way.

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