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Austin meets Mississippi in Tarrytown mansion

Ornate reproduction of Natchez’s Elms Court asks $3.25M

Built in 1983, this highly unusual property (for Austin, anyway) is a a reproduction of a historic and well known mansion built in 1836 in Natchez, Miss., called "Elms Court.” The latter is a tourist attraction and on the National Register of Historic Places; the former is a two-story, 8,009-square-foot home located on 0.82 acres of Austin’s Tarrytown neighborhood.

Having never been inside or seen many pictures of the interior of the Mississippi mansion, we’re not sure how the interiors compare. The exteriors, however, look to be pretty close, if updated, and the home is sited on appropriately wooded plot—though the vegetation is no doubt different.

The Austin home has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, along with other rooms of grand proportion. There are longleaf floors throughout, as well as many large windows to bring in natural light and—along with those style-defining, ornate verandas and long porches—from which to view the grounds.

There are many grand rooms with tall ceilings, period-style decorative elements, and fireplaces galore (three!). The kitchen looks to have been renovated but maintains the general look of the interior.

There’s lots of curviness going on upstairs, as well as beckoning outdoor spaces. Behind the large pool area, there are leafy pathways to explore (owners expanded the property in 1986).

2501 El Greco Cove [Drew Tate, Tate Property]