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Willie Nelson nutcracker statue ups Domain Northside’s holiday game

Wonderland of Austin-inspired holiday Instagram opportunities beckons

Holiday statue of Willie Nelson rendered as Nutcracker
Willie as Nutcracker at Domain Northside
Ben Porter

In a blatant attempt to out-Austin everyone this Christmas, Domain Northside has installed a 10-foot-tall Willie Nelson nutcracker statue and invites visitors to pose and snap away. Austin 360 reported Wednesday that the North Austin retail, office, and residential development has also erected holiday installations of an armadillo snowman, a cowboy Santa, and what sounds like a regionally nonspecific, ornament-bedazzled frame.

Children who are afraid to pose with Santa might or might not view the statues as a less terrifying option, but many adults are sure to appreciate details of the Willie-as-nutcracker representation; his guitar, Trigger, is suitably depicted as worn and a bit battered, and his signature bandana headband has been traded out for a reindeer-themed on.

Just to make sure social media gets an eyeful of the crafty creations, Domain Northside is holding an Instagram photo contest through Jan. 1. Be sure to check contest details if you’re going to for the $500 in prizes the contest awards to make sure your entries will qualify (specific hashtags are involved).