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Curbed Cup 1st round results! North Austin upsets East César Chavez

After a grueling week of competition, the first round of Curbed Cup 2017 is over, and upsets are the story this year. Not only did the two top-seeded neighborhoods exit the field; two newcomers sent them packing.

Here’s the recap of this past week:

On the first day of Round 1 of Curbed Cup 2017, North Austin (or the North Austin Civic Association, as it’s officially known debuted by sending last year’s winner, East César Chavez, packing. NACA’s margin of victory was narrow, so it might want to beef up on offense for the next round.

Day two saw another upset, with East MLK-183 trouncing Downtown, last year’s runner-up.

The third and fourth days of Round 1 saw more predictable victories, tough competitor North Loop prevailing over newcomer Westgate by a sizable margin and with Cherrywood eking out a narrow lead over South Lamar.

Without any further ado, here’s the full bracket reveal—check back next week as we get into the quarterfinals! If your neighborhood advanced, don’t forget to share the love and vote next week!