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Creative color brightens up Drag crosswalk

Street painting on Guadalupe Street evokes Texas sunset

Colorful stripes (not a rainbow) on a street crosswalk
Street painting on Guadalupe Street crosswalk in front of UT’s West Mall

A major city crosswalk is brighter—and certainly more noticeable—thanks to a street-art project by a University of Texas graduate. The wide crossing area on Guadalupe Street in front of the university’s West Mall, where hordes of people have swarmed across the busy thoroughfare for decades, is now painted in lovely, colorful stripes that both make the walk more pleasant and, hopefully, a little more visible to non-pedestrian traffic.

According to a Wednesday story in the Austin American-Statesman, the painting is the product of a collaboration between UT Design graduate student Joel Weber and the city. Weber raised donations and got a grant for his project and worked with the city for a month to get it realized, the Statesman reported.

Shortly after its completion, Instagrammer @temple_plaza (whose incredible account devoted to architecture and spaces on the University of Texas campus is a must-follow) shot this video that captures the experience of entering and exiting the new, colorful world between campus and University Co-op.

Here’s why the Drag is looking a little more colorful... [AAS]