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‘Stranger Things’ house proves Christmas can be creepy

Austin home on holiday light-filled 37th home decorated like house in hit Netflix series

Stranger Things Christmas house on 37th Street
Via Reddit

The Christmas holidays bring out the super-fan in many of us. Sports teams probably provide the most evidence, churning out league-approved stocking caps, ornaments, yard décor, and the like every winter.

But sports fans aren’t the only ones expressing their devotion to modern cultural phenomena during the special season. Exhibit A: a home that presents a display that replicates a set from the first season of the Netflix hit Stranger Things.

Fans might remember the Christmas lights at the Byers’ home played a crucial role in the climax of that season’s story. Now, residents of the home on 37th Street—where neighbors have created a short strip of spectacular light shows every Christmas seaons for decades—have recreated that living room in their front yard.

According to a Thursday story on KXAN, the decorations were brought to the attention of the wider public when one of the house’s residents shared a picture of on Reddit.

What the display might lack in “wow” factor, it makes up with authenticity. The vintage couch, wood paneling candles, and a wall that says “Merry Christmas” in lettering similar to those in the Byers’ humble home, where lights and letters are central to a crucial scene, are all spot on.

Fans of 'Stranger Things' have to check out 37th Street in Austin [KXAN]