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What it costs to rent in different Austin neighborhoods, mapped

The range in the central city is fairly small, as it turns out

Housing Report Suggests Rising Rents Could Lead To Home Market Turnaround Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Austin rents are rising fastest in the University of Texas Austin and South River City area, according to rental listing site Zumper’s just-issued “Winter 2017 Austin Heat Map.” (In case you were wondering, “South River City” is what many of us still call “Travis Heights.”

Rent in both neighborhoods has risen approximately 12% since last quarter, according to the report.

The site did deliver the slightly better news that Austin did drop from 26th to 28th place in its list of most expensive places to rent in the country. The price of one bedroom units decreased 3.4 percent, to a median of $1,130, reports Zumper, while two-bedroom units fell 2.1 percent, to $1,430.

Unsurprisingly, Downtown, with a median one-bedroom rental price of $1,920; Old West Austin at $1,700; and East Cesar Chavez at $1,600 were the most expensive neighborhoods in which to rent this winter.

Zumper also published a map that breaks down media rent by neighborhood—one that reveals a very small range of low and high rents, at least median one-bedroom prices. The lowest rents shown are in the further reaches of central east parts of the city: Pleasant Valley, Montopolis, and Windsor Park.