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The smallest homes for sale at the moment

Looking for a central convenience on a budget? Go small.

Dark gray wooden house/duplex with white trim, doors on each side, gravel parking/yard
1139-1/2 Poquito Street

There's been a lot of conversation lately around the ways tiny homes and micro-apartments might help cities—including (or maybe, along with San Francisco, especially) Austin—retain residents who have begun to flee to the suburbs because they can't afford to live in the urban core.

With that discussion in mind, our friends and data-crunchers at NeighborhoodX recently took a closer look at the prices of the smallest condominium units for sale in the city.

The 10 smallest condos for sale right now range from 304 to 445 square feet, and from $129,900 (2408 Longview Street #106 in West University) to $250,000 (4604 Santa Anna Street in East MLK)

On a per-square-foot basis, the prices range from $360-651/sq.ft.

"Smaller does not necessarily mean more affordable,” NeighborhoodX co-found Constantine Valhouli was quick to point out. “On a per-square-foot basis, small units, like studios and micro-apartments, often command higher prices than one bedrooms and larger condos in the same building or neighborhood," he said.

The smallest units are all central, clustered around Downtown for the most part, and in such student-friendly areas as West and North University, Hyde Park, and the central East side.

Valhouli also notes, for what it’s worth, that all 10 would more or less fit into a single-family home in the Northwest Hills-Far West neighborhood (which they also priced this week).