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Petite Cherrywood cutie wants $370K

Big charm, small package

small light blue wooden house with porch and gabled roof on front
3703 Robinson Avenue
Realty Austin

Anyone who has been fantasizing about owning a small, efficient living space that’s not a brand-new tiny house or micro-loft might find this home perfect for them.

Built in 1940, the house has little details that speak to its past—the ironwork on the front porch posts, exposed shiplap, backyard shed/garage with worn tin roof—even if it has been spiffed-up and stripped down to make the most of its 864 square feet.

Even at its diminutive size, it manages to have two bedrooms and one bathroom, none of which look cramped or undersized. It also has its original hardwood floors, high ceilings, tons of natural light, and an updated bathroom and kitchen.

The backyard is proportionally appropriate, green, and homey, with a porch area and the aforementioned detached shed/workshop/garage (with electricity, by the way).

Really, it’s the perfect size for people who like to keep things minimal but not coldly so, and it’s also in the perfect location for expanding your territory into coffee shops, restaurants, and stores that can feel like an extension of home.

3703 Robinson Avenue [Realty Austin]