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Here are Austin’s biggest homes on the market

There’s a feeling we get when we look to the west

Exterior of a large house at sunset; house on left side, lots of windows, contemporary-traditional, pool below
11024 Arroyo Canyon Drive

We’ve been on a bit of a small-home streak in terms of our featured listings and charty things. To balance things out, we thought it might be time to check in with real estate data analytics site NeigbhorhoodX to find the 10 largest homes for sale on the Austin market right now.

In Austin right now, homes that hit a sweet spot in the 10,000-square-foot range qualify as “large.” The 10 largest residences for sale currently range from 8,808 to 13,731 square feet.

The homes are priced from $2.69M million (11024 Arroyo Canyon, a rambling, vaguely ranch-influenced contemporary) to $13.5 million (3148 Above Stratford Place, a European-style mansion above Red Bud Isle on Lake Austin).

On a price-per-square-foot basis, the 10 homes range from $284 to $1,389 per square foot. "However,” notes NeighborhoodX co-founder Constantine Valhouli,” price per square foot becomes somewhat of a fuzzy metric at the upper end of the range. Some of the larger properties also sit on sizeable parcels of land. As a result, this land value skews the apparent value of the built square footage higher."