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The giant SXSW birdhouse is back

Or soon will be

As publicity stunts go, this one isn’t quite as good as last year’s Mr. Robot ferris wheel or the Lady Gaga Doritos machine concert of a few years ago.

Still, it’s kinda cute, it’s definitely landmark downtown structure, and it’s a dwelling, at least for a minute. In other words, it’s our kind of thing.

Prior to SXSW 2016, when the city was in the middle of an interminable-seeming battle over short-term rentals battles. HomeAway issued what might or might not have been some kind of metaphorical retort: that it would be renting out a human-sized birdhouse to some lucky festival-goers.

Now the two-story birdhouse—an oversized version of the company’s logo—will once again be available during SXSW.

While last year the company auctioned off the space to the highest bidder, this year’s selection process will be different. HomeAway will give away two four-night accommodations packages, including two nights in the Birdhouse and two nights in an Austin HomeAway vacation rental.

The first will be provided March 10-14 (Interactive and Film fests), and the second March 15-19 (Music festival).

Winners will be chosen from creative entrants (startups, bands, films, and so on) who best explain why they want to stay in the Birdhouse.

The place is certainly well-situated for enjoying SXSW activities, and HomeAway partnered with West Elm to trick it out with trill (heh) furnishings and lifestyle accoutrements that will provide a bonus first look at its spring collection.