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Get a Montopolis fixer-upper on a double lot for $230K

East Austin home with lots of potential

Small white frame 1950s house, shrubs and grass in front
912 Valdez Street
Hughes & Company Real Estate

Perhaps it’s a bit naive, but we wouldn’t necessarily even call this house a “fixer-upper.” It looks more like it might fit into the “needs updates” category, but livable as-is.

That’s just judging from the photos, of course. Even if it does need major repairs, though, the price, size of the lot(s), and location make it seem like it could be a sweet deal.

Built in 1956, the house sits on more than a quarter of an acre in the Montopolis neighborhood—east, sure, but not that far east, and definitely accessible to the central city.

The house measures 884 square feet and has three bedrooms and one bathroom—nothing fancy, but pretty cute and in seemingly decent shape.

There’s also a one-car garage with an adjacent storage room and attached carport. Then there’s the massive yard, with some big trees, mature shrubs, and generally well-kempt landscaping, and it appears to be fenced, at least partially.

912 Valdez Street [Hughes & Company Real Estate]