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Buy Austin’s only Futuro House (and tons of land) for $9.24M

Spaceship-style ‘60s home on 385 Hill Country acres

It’s not widely known that Austin is home to one of the 64 or so Futuro Houses scattered throughout the world.

That’s partly because the exact location of the UFO-shaped home—a prefab wonder whose original design was brought to us by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in the late 1960s—is rarely divulged.

Since it’s on the market right now, however, we can discern a few things. It’s located on more than 385 acres of land in southern Travis County (with a small amount crossing over into Hays County), southwest of downtown Austin on Bear Creek, fronting on the northbound side of Highway 45 where it turns into South MoPac. (It’s also minutes from Dripping Springs’ legendary Salt Lick BBQ, according to the listing.)

In addition to the Futuro House, the property features the “Dome”—a small, modular, surface-mounted home with a large deck overlooking the city—and a metal barn with concrete floors and paved access that houses a Tesla charging station, among other impressive-sounding equipment and tools. It’s is also equipped to be (and apparently is) a working cattle ranch.

The Futuro House is not the only thing unique about the property and its history. It’s the only remaining parcel of the original 4,600-acre Circle C ranch, portions of which are now the planned community of the same name. It’s also bordered by City of Austin Water Quality Protection Lands (or Wildlands) that encompass several thousand acres. Sounds like the perfect set for any number of science fiction scenarios, just looking for the right rancher-filmmaker to scoop it up.

Yates Cattle and Conservation Ranch [King Land and Water]