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Own a sleek modern house in the country for $725K

Industrial-influenced contemporary with style and view

Two-story stucco house with cantilevered dark gray second story over porch
10930 Long Branch Drive

A low-key, contemporary structure in a rural setting is one of our favorite things (and apparently many others’; see: Marfa). It allows the landscape to take center stage, becoming of a piece with it.

The best ones, like this 2,797-square-foot home located about 17 miles west of Austin, hold their own as well, with a mix of sleek design and rough materials that stand out in the spare space.

The two-story house, marketed as a live/work space, is constructed of concrete, stucco, and steel. There is indeed an open, two story studio measuring 1,559 square feet downstairs that looks suited for a variety of undertakings.

Upstairs is a 1,238-square-foot studio apartment with an additional bedroom. Situated on a one acre lot in a tranquil, rural setting, the home was completely remodeled in 2016. In addition to its breathtaking hill country views from the upstairs studio, there’s a private, covered patio downstairs and a 12,500-gallon rain collection tank and system.

10930 Long Branch Drive [Estately]