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James Franco, Bryan Cranston festoon luxurious lavatories at SXSW parties

High-tech outdoor toilets and Pitchfork parties seem made for each other

Portable trailer with two doors, stairs, wrapped with Why Him movie promotional photo
Fox’s promotional potties at the French Legation
Michael Garcia

To celebrate the digital release of Why Him?, the 2016 comedy helmed by John Hamburg (Meet the Parents, Zoolander) starring Bryan Cranston and James Franco, FOX Home Entertainment brought toilets to a Pitchfork party.

The comedy, which sounds like it might have a gross-out factor to rival that of any heavily used Porta Potty, stars Cranston as worried future father-in-law to Franco’s socially inept tech mogul, who woos his daughter.

Cranston’s character struggles with a high-tech toilet in the movie, and that was apparently a good enough reason for the company to supply the Pitchfork parties at the French Legation this weekend with luxurious portable bathrooms featuring electronic smart toilets and other high-end features to provide music lovers the royal flush they never knew they needed.

There’s another booth that allows you to stick your hand in a hole and get a temporary tattoo, but we don’t want to think about that one too much.

Let’s go to the video.