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Austin metro population hit 2 million, just later than we thought

Last year’s celebration was apparently premature

Aerial shot of Austin area
Austin area in 2015
Wikimedia Commons

While many an Austinite noted (grimly or with glee, or perhaps a mix) the passing of the metro area’s 2 million population mark, that reaction was a bit premature, according to a Thursday Austin American-Statesman story.

The area—which includes Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop and Caldwell counties—did pass the mark, with with 2,056,405 people. It just happened on July 1, 2016, not July 1, 2015, as had previously been reported.

According to the Statesman, the revision is due to some routine adjustments by the U.S. Census Bureau, which now puts the July 2015 population number at 1,998,104. The paper noted that it’s routine to release population numbers a year after they are measured, as are this kind of adjustment.

At any rate, the area is still set to hit the 3 million mark by 2030, the report added. Or somewhere around there.

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