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Old Enfield mansion back on market with big price drop

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Eclectic estate asks $7.75M

When we featured this mansion in Old Enfield subdistrict of the Old West Austin neighborhood in June, we might have been a bit more ambivalent than necessary. Declaring the almost 11,000-square-foot mansion “perhaps most delightful to people who spent their childhoods wandering through modern Middle American museums or European galleries in the 1970s,” in retrospect, sold our enthusiasm for this house way short.

Now, we can declare our unabashed love for the place, which, by the way, is back on the market for $750,000 less than it was last summer.

The two-story home, which has six bedrooms and six bathrooms, measures 10,496 square feet. Inspired by an Italian castle, it mixes of barrel vaulting, Venetian plaster, and neutral backgrounds to showcase both an art collection and the architectural inspiration.

The outdoor veranda, which even has its own sort of mini-piazza, meanwhile, is enchanting and invites intimate sociability as well as solitary reflection.

1 Niles Road [Moreland Properties]