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East Austin cottage with potential seeks $1M

1910 fixer-upper on commercial property

small 1910 wooden home with front porch and gabled roof over doorway, aqua with green trim
1501 East Cesar Chavez Street
Reilly Realtors

Given the condition of this one-story home on East Cesar Chavez Street, built in 1910 (it looks to need a lot of cosmetic upgrades, at least), and the fact that it’s on a commercially zoned lot and adjacent lots are available, it seems clear this property is positioned as a teardown or at least a commercial conversion.

That would explain the price, at least—possibly the highest we’ve seen for a property of its size and condition in the Eastside neighborhood. Given the neighborhood’s rapid growth and the probably inevitable transformation of the street, though, it might not be unrealistic. The listing, in fact, doesn’t even bring up residential possibilities, suggesting instead “uses including but not limited to a coffee shop, retail, offices, mixed use” (but also noting that buyer must verify zoning).

Nevertheless it’s pretty darn adorable, in its way. At 1,252 square feet, it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a generous yard, and some historic features, including beadboard, some probably original door and window trim, and wood floors. Which would, you know, look great in a coffee shop.

1501 East Cesar Chavez Street [Reilly Realtors]