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Vintage home in historic Clarksville asks $1.1M

Unique 1920 house is practically the definition of ‘eclectic’

Gray wooden house with gabled front porch, big front yard with cactus
1309 West 9-1/2 Street
Realty Austin

We’re still not completely over the sticker shock that comes from seeing what the vintage, ramshackle homes in the historic Clarksville neighborhood, just west of downtown, are going for.

Still, we’re pretty fond of them—and admire, especially, how rarely sellers feel the need to gut and genericize the places before putting them on the market. (Looking at sweeold bungalows—or mid-century moderns, for that matter—that open up into sleek, all-white interiors is hard, people.)

This two-story home, which may or may not be a bungalow but was built in 1920 regardless, finds that particular idiosyncrasy in robust form—perhaps the most impressive example we’ve seen to date.

Measuring 2,014 square feet and containing three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the house is located on a fairly private cul-de-sac. Its floor plan has been altered in odd but appealing ways—see the galley kitchen in what looks like it was once a porch (maybe).

Upstairs is a mix of original features (wood floors and built-ins, trim and baseboards), with some Mission-style and early modern touches. and the aforementioned kitchen, which features bright yellow silestone-style counters, exposed and painted shiplap and beadboard in roughly equivalent measure. It all holds together surprisingly well.

Downstairs is a similarly adapted living area/study, which leads to an unexpected proliferation of white birch, creating a complete, though not unpleasant, change of mood.

In keeping with its Bohemian Eternal style, the house also has a screened-in second-floor balcony that overlooks a courtyard, fountain, rainwater-collection system, and detached, climate-controlled studio.

1309 West 9-1/2 Street [Realty Austin]