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A Rollingwood contemporary showcases modern style with international flair

Urban oasis Casa de Sombra is now asking $3.7M

Note: This home was originally featured on April 25; the story has been updated.

Update: Originally priced at $4.5 million, the home recently received a $251,000 price drop.

Christened “Casa de Sombra,” this contemporary perched on a limestone bluff in Rollingwood employs clean lines, natural materials, and judicious use of patterned details to create a peaceful environment with a nod to international modernism.

The multileveled home’s intersecting stories and horizontal lines combine with unique details—a hancrafted metal balustrade with cutouts and ash handrail on the stairs, glass walls with movable sunscreens that create infinite possibilities for patterns of shadow and light—and surprising intersections, giving one the sense there’s always something new to look at.

Built in 2015, the home has five bedrooms and six bedrooms, with every room making use of natural light and every space offering generous outdoor views. In addition, indoor-outdoor access is available wherever possible.

The home has a central living space with a movable glass wall, opening to the pool court, and a kind of nutty, glass-walled garage space along with a carport wall that mixes textures and patterns in ways similar to the interior spaces.

The home is both practical and dramatic, providing privacy without closing off views or closing out neighbors. The main living area has massive sliding doors that connect the kitchen and living areas with interior/exterior spaces.

The house has a number of flexible areas with use varying according to need.

The master bathroom has a full bathtub with a separate, walk-in steam shower.

The home’s artful style extends to outdoor spaces, especially the central pool courtyard.

4911 Timberline Drive [Moreland Properties]