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Explore this Austin museum on Atlas Obscura Day

International curator of strange and wonderful places to showcase one curious local place in its yearly roundup

A collection of oddities displayed on a table and a wall
Museum of Natural & Artificial Ephemerata
Museum of Natural & Artificial Ephemerata/Facebook

If you’re a fan of Curbed, you probably know about Atlas Obscura, the online guide and global community that seeks out the obscure, curious, and wonderful places in this world and tells people about them.

If you’re a longtime local or just a fan weird stuff, you might also know about the Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata. The only local museum (that we know of) that is also a residence is located in the East Austin home of a couple and their two children. Part collection of oddities of little monetary but plenty of entertainment value (a narwal tooth, a glitter-painting of Elvis Presley) and Barnum & Bailey sideshow-style amusements (the last cigarette smoke by "the ghost of Marilyn Monroe"), it's a fascinating place where you might want to spend a lot of time, despite its diminutive size.

The MNAE has long been listed in the Atlas, but on May 6—declared Atlas Obscura Day 2017—the two will come together in a special way. On that day, the Atlas is hosting more than 170 events in 36 states and 25 countries—and one of those is, you guessed it, MNAE.

Since it’s a family’s home, tours of MNAE are never self-guided, exactly, but the coordinated event promises a few special things, including a visit to the Ephemerata Gardens and a deep dive into its “impermanent collection.”

Advance ticket purchase ($5) is advised; you can get more info here.