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Tiny house in Montopolis asks $329K

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East Austin remodel with light, modern style

Small white frame home with flat roof and blue dutch door
6118 Atwood Street
Via DEN Property Group

Nestled in a quiet spot in Southeast Austin’s Montopolis neighborhood, this lovely little house is the picture of beckoning calm and comfort.

The home isn’t far from the Circle Acres Nature preserve on the south side of the river, and its glass doors, large windows, skylight, and outdoor areas offer an ongoing view of the local flora and fauna.

Its louvered and Dutch doors and open spaces allow for good ventilation from cross breezes, as does the high(ish), exposed-beam ceiling. Natural and creatively used materials and fixtures make it unique and visually intriguing.

The home measures 572 square feet and has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Its small front gardens and entrance lead directly to an open room that includes kitchen, dining, and living areas, with bedrooms and bathrooms in the other half of the home. In back is a large, shaded veranda that is well-planned and -designed to function as essentially another room in the house.

6118 Atwood Street [DEN Property Group]