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Austin home-buying costs in 23 neighborhoods

Price per square foot, from Downtown to Montopolis

View from a pentouse terrace toward Capitol Building
1212 Guadalupe #1100
Via Gottesman Residential Real Estate

So you’re looking to buy a home. Or, for some other reason, you’re curious about how the price of Austin housing shakes out by neighborhood.

Never fear; we’ve been working with national real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX—with whom we have collaborated on numerous projects over the past year—to give you the answers you need, in charts, graphs, and hard numbers.

For the neighborhoods in this analysis—which do not include all of the neighborhoods of Austin—the overall price range for the city is from $135 to 1,640 per square foot.

The analysis excludes foreclosures, short sales, development sites, and properties in need of considerable rehabilitation. “For the analysis to be meaningful, it had to focus on a clean data set of existing built space in each neighborhood,” said Constantine Valhouli, co-founder of NeighborhoodX.

"The metric we used is price per square foot, rather than the more conventional median selling price,” said Valhouli, “[which] enables readers to understand how prices change across neighborhoods more easily. Using median selling price, numbers can be skewed by the different sizes of residences in different neighborhoods."

Interior of home with new kitchen, island, blue walls
2312 Capulet Street
Ernie Hatton, via RE/MAX Posh Properties, South

With that in mind, the $135-per-square-foot number comes from the most affordable market-rate property in East Riverside-Oltorf and the $1,640/square foot number from the most expensive property in West Lake Hills. (Although the upper end of the Downtown price range is not far behind, at $1,301 per square foot).

Readers can mouse over individual chart bars below for more information on price ranges for each neighborhood.