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Austin’s new airport pet dropoff lets the dogs in

Pups and their people celebrate opening of Bark & Zoom

Bark & Zoom Park & Pet Hotel Austin

File under: Why didn’t I think of that? On Saturday, Austin will get its first cat and dog facility located for convenient drop-off, right across from the airport, reported Community Impact Friday.

Bark & Zoom Park & Pet Hotel held an event on Friday to showcase its new 24/7 cat and dog boarding facility at 2601 Cardinal Loop—500 feet from the car entrance for Austin-Bergstrom International Airport—CI also reported.

Bark & Zoom’s facilities include indoor and outdoor play areas, a pet swimming pool, cat “condos” (really, can they buy and sell them? Because that would be kind of cool.), grooming services, and onsite veterinary services

According to its website, it also offers valet services for $9.99—meaning its staff will park your car and shuttle you to the terminal for the daily self-park rate.

Bark & Zoom’s services are run by well-regarded pet training and boarding facility Taurus Academy.

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↑ Bark & Zoom’s first customer

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See the new dog and cat boarding facility by the airport [Community Impact]