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Rent in 35 Austin neighborhoods, mapped

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The high, the low, the in-between

Orange and black “For Rent” sign on white post
Austin rents are more or less flat as of May 2017
Charleston's TheDigitel/Flickr via Creative Commons

What Austin neighborhoods had the most expensive rents this spring? Some will not surprised to learn that they were as follows: Adjacent Downtown Austin ($1,990 median one-bedroom apartment monthly rate), East Cesar Chavez ($1,650), and Holly ($1,600).

That’s according to a study by rental listings site Zumper, which listed Austin as the 33rd most expensive rental market in the country this month.

The price of one-bedroom apartments remained flat, at $1,050 per month, while two-bedroom units grew a slight 0.8%, to $1,340, according to the report.

Rosewood and Windsor Road had the fastest growing rents since last quarter. Rents in both areas increased more than 9 percent.

In North Central Austin, Hyde Park, Triangle State (the area around the Triangle between Guadalupe and Lamar, which has only a modest number of residential units, since it also contains the Central Market and other retail areas, a medical building, and UT’s intramural fields), and Rosedale were more affordable areas priced closer to the $1,000 range.

East Riverside, Dawson-Galindo, Pleasant Valley, Montopolis, East MLK-183, North and West University, and Windsor Park all fell right at or below the median rent for a one-bedroom.