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State purchases land to expand, protect popular park

Texas Parks & Wildlife closes deal on Pedernales Falls State Park

Flowing river, gentle waterfall, trees, blue sky, limestone shelf
Pedernales Falls State Park
Via Pedernales Falls State Park/Facebook

In a somewhat surprising but fortunate move, state officials have closed a deal that will help protect and expand Pedernales Falls State Park, according to a Thursday Austin-American Statesman story.

In a deal meant partially to protect views, the paper reported, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will purchase 200 acres of private property on a bluff opposite the park, paying no more than half the market rate. The story adds that landowner Mike Maples also will designate another 70 acres to be preserved from development.

According to the Statesman, Maples, 75, worked with the state because he wanted to keep much of the property together for his descendants, as well as to preserve public views.

State officials close to deal to expand Pedernales Falls State Park [AAS]