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Austin’s smallest two-bedroom homes for sale

Surprisingly, they’re not all condos

New condo living room with white walls, gray couch and rug
1309 East 52nd Street #2
Via Redfin

There's been a lot of conversation lately around the ways tiny homes and micro-apartments might help cities—including Austin—retain residents who fleeing to the suburbs because they can't afford to live in the urban core.

With that discussion in mind, last year city analytics site NeighborhoodX took a closer look at the prices of the smallest condominium units for sale in the city—all one-bedrooms or studios.

In search of places that employ efficient use of space to enable higher occupancy, this time the site has charted the smallest two-bedroom homes in Austin. Unlike the study of one-bedroom homes last year, they turned up a few single-family homes in the midst of all the condos—a somewhat unexpected result.

The smallest two-bedroom properties for sale right now range from 445 square feet (1000 West 26th Street #204, a West Campus condo asking $139,000) to a 699 square feet (1309 East 52nd Street #2, a condo in a boutique complex near Mueller).

It should be noted that price per square foot range will be highly skewed here, because many of the listed properties are compact bungalows sitting on larger lots of land. As a result, the asking price reflects the buildable potential of the site rather than the existing built square footage.