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Own a Rollingwood home with an indoor slide for $3.1M

There are lots of other cool features, too

Large modern farmhouse white house with two story central building and one-story wings
5010 Timberline Drive
Courtesy of Realty Austin (all photos)

Having an indoor slide isn’t the only thing that makes this recently built home interesting, but it’s one of them.

Designed by locals Tim Brown Architecture and built in 2016 by Oliver Custom Homes (also local), the two-story house is located in the hilly, West-Lake-adjacent Rollingwood neighborhood. Its farmhouse-influenced style allows for big open spaces and double-height ceilings. The family room in particular features wall-spanning doors that open on to the pool deck, giving that space an expansive, outdoorsy feel.

The 4,568-square-foot home features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and two living rooms. There are multiple outdoor living spaces—one with a fireplace—that convene around a pool in the courtyard. There’s also a screened porch and a poolside guesthouse.

Among its myriad features is also a two-car garage and that metal slide, which appears from somewhere upstairs and ends up in the laundry room. Presumably, it functions as a bit of a show-offy laundry chute, but one presumes a personal trip on it would be tempting for kids and adults in equal measure.

A metal slide leading to a laundry room Courtesy of Realty Austin

5010 Timberline Drive [Jen Berbas, Realty Austin]