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Mayor Steve Adler says Austin will honor Paris climate accord after U.S. pulls out

Mayors of 61 cities pledge to uphold goals of agreement

In a break with all but two nations, President Donald Trump announced today that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate accord, a historic agreement to lessen the country’s carbon footprint in an attempt to fight the global effects of climate change.

In the wake of that decision, 61 mayors across the U.S. announced that they would step up their cities’ own efforts to combat climate change and adopt the Paris climate agreement on a local scale.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler, who is a member of the Climate Mayors signing the agreement, underscored the city’s commitment in a statement to Curbed Austin:

Austin will not stop fighting climate change. Worldwide, cities will lead in achieving climate treaty goals because so much of what’s required happens at the local level. Regardless of what happens around us, we're still Austin, Texas.

The mayor tweeted yesterday about Trump’s anticipated announcement and retweeted fellow mayors after they signed their pledge Thursday.

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